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The Treetop Tooth Shop (PDF)

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The Treetop Tooth Shop is the first book in the Chelsea Squirrel series. It is a fun illustrated adventure book that will encourage your child to pick up their tooth brush at an early age, help minimize restorative visits to the Dentist and establish a positive relationship with the dental hygienist. 

In the Treetop Tooth Shop story, little Mousey is uncomfortable because his mouth is out of whack! When he finally makes his way to The Treetop Tooth Shop, he's a little unsure what to expect. While exploring his boundaries, Miss Chelsea, the dental hygienist, although very patient, is not too impressed with his playing in the dental chair. ('s pretty cute.)

This rhyming story is fun to read aloud. Kids LOVE that the characters are based on true to life, wild critters that I hand raised and returned to the wild.  Chelsea, the little red squirrel, is my inspiration for this story. I found her in 2013 when she was just 2 weeks old and what a special relationship we've developed. I have so many beautiful photos and videos that I can't wait to share!

I hope you and your child enjoy the beautiful illustrations and positive impact of this fun to read book.

Alison :)