Our new winter routine

Our new winter routine

This is what Chelsea and I have been doing for the last 6 days. She’ll arrive at the back door around 7:15 AM, sit on the top step and wait for the kettle to boil. 😳 I, in the meantime, place a small bowl of warm water and a little pile of seeds and nuts next to her. She dips her front paws in the warm water, drinks a little and then washes her paws.

Once the kettle boils, I fill up the hot water bottle, put it in a clear plastic container, (it’s important that it’s clear, so she can monitor potential predators), and place it on the top step. She looks it over and if it’s to her liking; she steps onto the hot water bottle, takes a seat and warms her butt. 🤗 And today, on the 7th day, she doesn’t show…. but the cold spell has finally broken.

I never plan these things, nor does she. But somehow, every now and again, I find myself “accommodating” Chelsea for her own comfort. After watching her hang out on the back step on day 1, I was sure she would only stick around for an hour. It looked a little stressful to me. She sat comfortably, but that OTHER squirrel didn’t quite appreciate her presence. Chelsea is in someone else’s territory. But of course, every time I would hear Chelsea’s “angry” chirp, I’d go to see what’s happening at the back door and sure enough... there he is, the boy who took over Chelsea’s territory this past summer. 🐿 The poor guy… every time he would approach her, I’d quickly open the back door, he would take off, and Chelsea would continue napping on the hot water bottle.

Of course, it doesn’t just stop there. After the first day of Chelsea’s backdoor visit, I figured out I have to change the water every 2.5 hours, to ensure it remains warm enough for her. I mean... who wouldn’t do that for a squirrel, right? And why not throw in a little avocado, and a raspberry too! 🥰

So what have I learned? Squirrels like to be comfy! 🐿❤️